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16 Days Montreal to Winnipeg, Roundtrip

For the one interested that the budget for the 16 days in motel The Budget - In CAD

Motel: $2,117.34

Attraction: $130.00

Purchase: $18.10

Gas: $388.76

Food : $462.77 Total Expenses: $3,116.97

For: 4700 KM Round Trip.

I did not have any reservation for the the Motel / Hotel on this trip. All the accommodation I wing it... Like I do Most of the time, in most of my Road Trip.

Wednesday 13 2022, I woke up early and get Breakfast then finished to pack the Bike, the get to the landlord Office and give them there keys back. Got no place to get back to... but it's summer, and my vacation time for the next 4 week, and I am gone and we will see if I can find some place later. for the journey ahead. I left home around 9:30 AM.

I then take the High way QC-40 direction Ottawa.

I rode the Highway 17 for most of it.


Road Side and Diverts

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