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2022, Maritime / Atlantic Road Trip

Dernière mise à jour : 16 juil. 2023

In September of 2022, I decide to leave for a road trip P.E.I.

I organize my bags and stuff the day before and hit the road. I got no Hotel / Motel reservation as usual I just wing it. In the afternoon around 15h ish every day, I was stopping some ware, for a Stretch and fuel up and look at the Motel on my phone and call some of them and take the less expensive or whatever is available.

Day 1: Montreal,Qc to Kamouraska, Qc.

Distance: 4h 400 km 4h

I Left Montreal around 1PM on September 6, 2022. and ride the Highway 40 until Quebec then I rode the route 138. until I reach "Rivière-Ouelle, Kamouraska Regional County. I stopped half way for a shack and some stretching's. I stop for the night at la "Baleine Endiablée - Microbrasserie & Auberge Conviviale" - "Wild (Develish) Whale - Microbrewery & Convivial Inn". I also had dinner there.


Day 2: Kamouraska, Qc to Fredericton, Nb.

Distance: 432 km, 6h 6min.

I Hit the road around 10 Am. After a light breakfast. "Rivière-Ouelle, Kamouraska Regional County, Quebec, direction Fredericton, New Brunswick. After a few hour in the saddle I had to stop for Gas near a construction zone, where I bought a Ham and chees croissant sandwich and a drink for later. decide to stop for a Snack around 1 PM and ate the Croissant and the drink. the hit the road again.

After A quick lunch and stretching I Get back on the Road and did a quick Stop at the "World's Longest Covered Bridge" located in Hartland, NB. then i then Cross that Bridge. That one is only one lane so proceed carefully.

After stopping on the other side of the bridge to look at it again, I started the last stretch of 100 KM about 1h 30 min, To the Motel "Ramada by Wyndham, Fredericton". I arrive around 6 PM at the Hotel. the Front desk agent let me put my motorcycle under the front porch. , After checking in in to my room, I started to move all my bags in to it. That hotel got no elevator and I was a the end of the 2 floor. Caring all my luggage in the stair to my room. After checking in in to my room, I decide to go a there restaurant and enjoy some Good Nachos and a good cold Beer. I get to my room to rest watch TV and sleep.


Day 3: Fredericton, Nb to Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Distance: 365 km, 5h.

I decide to go for a little ride around town to have a breakfast/Launch.

After I left Fredericton around 11 AM, direction P.E.I. I rode for more or less 2h / 165 km, the Stop at Harley-Davidson "Toys for big Boys" in Moncton, NB. I spend some time visiting it.

After enjoying what that dealer ship has to offer, I hop on my hog and goes heading P.E.I.. it tale 2h to do 188 km, by mistake i end up on the "Aboujagane Road" for 6 km the road was asphalt with a lot of sand on it ending up having to turn a round due to road closure and i rode the "Upper-Aboujagane Road" . Some signalization will has been nice. After that side adventure, I head out to the "Confederation Bridge".

Confederation Bridge, The curved, 12.9 kilometre (8 mile) long bridge is the longest in the world crossing ice-covered water, and continues to endure as one of Canada's top engineering achievements of the 20th century.

After The bridge Crossing, I decided to go to charlotte town for the night. Having been delay by the 12 km of the "Aboujagane Road". I arrive at Charlottetown around 18h 40min. Most of the motel / Hotel was taken. a ended up at the "Holiday Inn Express & Suites Charlottetown, Charlottetown". Way over price. but I was not feeling like riding at the other end of the island at 9 pm tired to find an affordable Motel. 250$ plus tx for one night and it was the last room an accessible room hot disabled peoples.

For the same price I will be sating for 3 days at P.E.I. at an other motel.

Then I decide to ride to Downtown to get some lobster for Dinner. the nice Girl at the front desk a gorgeous redhead with Green eyes, recommended me the "Water Prince Corner Shop". that place is really busy I recommend to get a reservation for the inside. I decide to take a table outside first come first serve. Great place, i will go there again next time I stop by. Lobster Roll is there specialty apparently. I got to go with the LOBSTER DINNER 1 1/3 Lbs., an a cold bear of course! after a good Dinner, I had a walk on the Boardwalk / Quay. the I got back to the hotel for the night.


Day 4: Charlottetown, P.E.I. To Cavendish P.E.I.

Distance: 150 km 3h 51min Woke up and decide to get the included breakfast. at 200$ you can make sure i heat and bring some with me to eat during my stop.

After what I Started to look for a motel an I found the "Cavendish Motel" in cavendish P.E.I. at 90$ prs Night. so I book it for for 3 night 2 days. the o left the "Holliday inn" then rode to the "Cavendish Motel". that one is on my list for future trip in P.E.I. The owner was very friendly, and the room was Clean, nothing to complain about. The "Cavendish Motel" is very close from the Ann of green Gable, the Avonlea Village. and the "North Rustico Beach, Prince Edward Island National Park" that i ride at sundown after dinner. so that motel is a great location.

After that I decide to visit the Ann of Green Gable museum. about 1 Km a way at max. I spend most of the afternoon. that visit will be covered in an other Blog post. the really wort it, but some influencers dress as Ann like clothes and dyed hair, was annoying by trying to get people to move to take there picture like the place was there own. except for that it was just a great visit.

Then I decide to go for some random riding for 145 km ish on the island. after, get for Dinner at Cavendish Boardwalk, they got a a dozen shop there and a laundromat. for dinner I chose the "Captain Scott's Fish and Chips". then got a Ice cream at "COWS" After what i get back to the motel.


Day 5-6: Riding around the island.

Distance: 340 km 5h

Started the day by going to Tim Horton for breakfast. then I hit the road using mainly the back road. I end up to "Light Smoke shop" in Summerside, PE, to buy some Cigars as I was running out. after what I head up Est I eventually end up at the Light house at the tip of the island. the back to my motel still using the back road. on my way to the motel I stopped Chez Yvonne's, for Chickens pasta and a good Beer.

Then the next days was more riding on the Island.

The picture speak for them self. see then picture.


Day 7: Cavendish P.E.I. to Halifax NB.

Distance: 317 km 3h 33min

I left the "Cavendish Motel" and decide to go to visit the "Avonlea Village" before before I left P.E.I. I spent 30 minutes or so.

Photo from: Avonlea Village P.E.I - Based on the book "Ann of Green Gable" from Lucy Maude Montgomery.

After What I just hit the highway until I reach Halifax. and stayed in "Future Inns Halifax Hotel & Conference Centre" and eat at the restaurant attach to it The "Redwood Grill".


Day 8: Halifax, NB to Miramichi, NB.

Distance: 483 km 6h 33min

After a leaving the Hotel at 10:19. I hit the road using the back road. the road was great and The view was incredible. I did not take any pictures. but it was a nice day on the road. I fount a motel the "Ramada by Wyndham Miramichi, New Brunswick".

I arrive to the Motel around 17h after checking in my room, I decide to go to MacDonald's near by. the people drive recklessly in that town, I got 3 close call (over 60 km round trip) going from and back to Dinner. after dinner I got back to the motel and I did some laundry at the motel since they got a laundry room. the I get to bed.


Day 9: Miramichi, NB to Montreal, QC

Distance: 813 km 9h 10min

The Longest day in the Saddle.

I leave the Motel Around 10h in the morning. Get breakfast at the motel. then hit the road. i stopped 30 km later in a abandons Gas station to put my rain suit. it was a light rain and it last less then 45 min, at an other Gas Station, Stop at a fuel Station to remove my rain suit and fuel up.

Since I was about to adventure on the 108, with 135 km without gas station or rest area. between Renous, NB and Plaster Rock, NB. I will later realize that also I got Zero Cellphone coverage and the traffic is mainly heavy truck. the Asphalt was between good to rough but more then doable on a 900 LBs bike. It was a one lane with out shoulder to stop. one car stayed behind me the entire time never pass me. That was good so if something happen they can call at the next town. I decide to go for dinner at Grand Fall, NB MacDonald's. then I resume my way to Quebec Border. After that I rode until I reach Montreal. After 168 km, my first stop after Grand km fall was the Petro-Canada at Riviere-Verte, QC for fuel and a quick snack. then rode until i reach montreal, I take 4 Break plus lunch and dinner.

The next day I relaxed at home.


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